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Grand, warm, civilized and orderly -- the 29th Track and Field Sports Meeting of the Affiliated High School of the College
2023-10-07 Return list

       Such as poetry September, everything is clear, youth breath with the wind, blood and golden autumn bump full of。The autumn scenery is infinitely good, and the sports are at the right time. On September 27, 2023, the 29th track and Field Meet of Fushun College Affiliated High School came as scheduled。

       Lingyun arena, high morale, youth, hope flying。At the opening ceremony, the review teams were fresh and sunny, their sonorous footsteps were filled with youthful passion, their heroic posture was soughing to show young confidence, and their loud slogans showed the spirit of hard work of the affiliated students。

       President Liu Zhibo, Secretary Wang Tiechun, Vice President Zhang Wei, Vice President Su Wei, Vice President Zhu Liyan and Vice President Tang Ju attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony kicked off in the magnificent national anthem。

       Vice President Su Wei delivered the opening speech on behalf of the organizing committee, he hoped that all the athletes should carry forward the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher, stronger and more united", enter the competition with the best competitive state, compete bravely, compete style and level, and promote the sports work of our school to a new level。

       Finally, President Liu Zhibo announced the opening of the 29th Sports Meeting of the Affiliated High School of the College, pushing the opening ceremony atmosphere to a climax, and the various competitions were also launched。

       After the opening ceremony, the dance team of our school presented the wonderful dances "Looking at Beijing from the Grassland" and "Early An Long Hui" for the teachers and students of the school. The energetic dance and the surging passion burst out the feelings of the affiliated High School。

       Jinfeng Yulu, shady playground exhibition youth spirit;Cinnamon fragrance, red runway express sweat。The students of the Affiliated High School in the sports field work hard and create brilliance bravely. They show vigor and vitality with bravery and display youthful style with heroic appearance。

       Cha students young, young!Valiant posture, hard work!Track is the competition of speed, but also the burning of youth。A gunshot, the athletes like an arrow from the string, running!

       What the athletes took over is not only a wooden stick, but also a responsibility, the determination to win glory for the class, and the transmission of sportsmanship!Unity and cooperation is the core spirit of the relay race, and tacit cooperation is the prerequisite of the relay race。Every time the red and white handover moment, all the condensation of everyone's expectations, it is full of strength of unity。

       Track events on the track in full swing, field events are also exciting, athletes have ready to go, courageously take the lead, the field is full of laughter and applause!Writing glory with the momentum of the waves, chasing dreams with the state of blood struggle。

       Three feet lectern preaching, a heart of education, our beloved faculty members also add color to this movement, on the podium they are teaching and educating the gardener, put down the chalk they are each rubbing hands, strong posture!

       In this sports meeting, the athletes are magnificent and brave to struggle, just like the rising sun, brimming with youth and inspiring vigorous strength。But behind their valiant forward, can not be separated from the cheers and encouragement of the students watching the competition, they in another way to exert youth vitality, help inspire the dream。

       In the course of the competition, the leading teacher and the members of the presidium of the conference came to the spectator stand together with the students of each class to cheer for the athletes and conduct the class spiritual civilization evaluation。All the classes are full of passion and morale。Cheer and struggle interwoven, youth and blood burning together。

       Blue sky Lang day, De Ze quartet, tall chest, my generation of heroes。The student staff of the sports meeting, composed of the students' union and volunteers from each class, worked silently and sweated like rain on the field。Hold the discipline, show the will of the middle school, show our blood!

       During the break of the competition, each class also presented a wonderful artistic performance for the whole school teachers and students, it is really a bright spot in the class, everyone is wonderful!

       After a day and a half of competition, the closing ceremony of the games was held as scheduled at noon on September 28。At the closing ceremony, Secretary Wang Tiechun announced the winning class of spiritual civilization and discipline, Teacher Zhang Yikai announced the ranking of the sports meeting, and school leaders awarded awards to the winning class and outstanding athletes。

       Then Vice President Tang Ju delivered the closing speech on behalf of the organizing committee, he said that the sports meeting is to enhance the students' physical fitness and the ability to resist diseases through sports competitions;Develop the spirit of not being afraid of hardship, working hard and having the courage to work hard;Enhance the sense of collective honor。I also hope that the students will show the kind of self-confidence, calm, tenacious struggle, solidarity, never give up the spirit to study, to life, to carry forward the "heart and heart together love to the future" spirit of the Hangzhou Asian Games。

       The closing ceremony ended in a warm and cheerful atmosphere, and we are looking forward to the 30th Sports meeting of the College Affiliated High School again。

       As soon as the roc jumps into the ninth heaven, the swan spreads its wings into the blue clouds。This sports meeting has carried forward the spirit of Affiliated High School and demonstrated the magnificent youth of the students。Strutting, courageously moving forward, strong physique, the students of Affiliated High School are as boundless as the sun。Do not ask the west East, thousands of miles of journey, the mountains and rivers are sound, the youth of the Affiliated High school will be shocked!

Planning: Liu Zhibo, Wang Tiechun

Producer: Zhang Wei, Su Wei, Zhu Liyan, Tang Ju

Review: Su Wei

Photography is by Wang Shaofeng

Written and produced by Li Xiaohang

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Fushun Teachers' Education College affiliated middle school
Address: No. 1, Xinhua 3 Road, Shuncheng District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province
电话:024-57573345 / 024-57573345
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