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Teaching work plan for the first semester of the 2018-2019 academic year
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2018-2019The teaching work plan of the affiliated Middle School of the college in the first semester of the academic year

This semester, we fully implemented the municipal bureau, college work plan on the basis of,以党的十九大精神和习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,To carry out the fundamental task of moral cultivation,Develop students' core literacy,Take provincial curriculum reform base school selection as an opportunity,We will comprehensively promote curriculum reform,Improve school quality。The work plan for this semester is as follows:

The key work of this semester:

一、  Further promote curriculum reform and strive to play an exemplary role

As the first batch of schools in the province to deepen the curriculum reform base, the Education Bureau and the municipal college in the last semester on the basis of the joint guidance of the city's voluntary education schools, and on May 8 in our school successfully held the Fushun junior high school to deepen the curriculum reform to promote the site。In this semester, we will further study the spirit of the four documents of the provincial curriculum reform on the basis of the on-site meeting of the curriculum reform, comprehensively deepen the implementation, and focus on the exploration of practical activities of the discipline, the implementation of local curriculum and the construction of school-based curriculum。In September and October, this work will be the key work of the school,We take the school research course as a platform of inquiry and practice to promote the curriculum reform,Make the classroom the main position,The teaching and research group and the lesson preparation group are two level units,Carry out the practical research of the three-level curriculum,The organic combination of internal research and external learning,Hire expert guidance on a practical basis,We try to take advantage of the situation,Further improve the quality of schools,External plastic school brand,Welcome the provincial curriculum reform base school inspection and evaluation。

Second, do a good job of after-school services

         According to the requirements of the national provinces and cities, at the beginning of this semester, our school began to implement after-school services, in accordance with the spirit of the document, in line with the principle of voluntary parents, to carry out after-school services in grade 7 and 8, and to carry out after-school counseling in grade 9。On the basis of extensive consultation with parents, students and teachers, we will communicate with other schools to develop after-school service plans within the first week of school and strive to do this work well。

三、Continue to carry out the affiliated High School "cultural lecture hall" series of activities

"Overflowing with life thoughts, pulsating wisdom" Culture Lecture Hall of Affiliated High School successfully held three periods last semester, students and teachers came to the stage, release wonderful, let us further feel the infinite charm and infinite potential of teachers and students。This semester, we will continue to perform on this basis。

1. Outside expert。At the initial meeting, Cao Lijuan, director of the dry training Department of the College, was invited to walk into the lecture hall of the Affiliated High School。

2. Promote class reading。Adhere to the daily morning reading, carry out the class "happy reading" activities。

3. Carry out the affiliated Middle School cultural festival activities。把9As a cultural activity month for teachers and students, famous teacher Forum, student cultural theme forum, ancient poetry competition will be carried out。

四、To promote teaching with competition, further improve the basic skills of teachers' subject teaching

Actively organize teachers of English phonology and numerology to participate in Fushun Junior high School Young Teachers Basic Skills Competition,Further enhance teachers' awareness of the importance of experimental teaching,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers to carry out experimental inquiry,Encourage teachers to improve and innovate experimental methods and teaching design,Improve the level of experimental teachers and the effect of education,Effectively play the role of school experimental equipment。

The main routine work of this semester:

First, grasp the teaching routine, strengthen normative inspection guidance。

Routine teaching management is the lifeline of school teaching quality。Last term we worked on lesson preparation, lesson plans and subject activities。Have made great progress, this semester on the basis of this, will further strengthen the guidance, management and check feedback, mid-term feedback, final summary。This semester we will vigorously promote the pace of modernization of teaching management, the implementation of lesson preparation group sharing electronic teaching plans, every Monday 8:00 money upload teaching plans, requirements: with the school requirements of a unified template, named according to the unified requirements, uploaded to the ftp server。At the same time, we should strengthen the quantity and quality of teaching reflection while sharing teaching plans.

1.Further clarify the system of "Routine Management Requirements for Teaching Work" attached to the school, strengthen inspection and feedback, guide and standardize teachers' routine teaching work, improve the efficiency of routine teaching, and promote the formation of good teaching style for teachers。

① Further improve the quality of lesson preparation。Ask experts to guide lesson preparation, lead the in-depth lesson preparation group, track or participate in the whole process of the major lesson preparation group, timely in-depth understanding of the situation, find problems and solve them in time。

② Further strengthen the classroom tracking management。It is forbidden to press the class, skip the class at will, and drop the class without reason。The academic Affairs Office insists on conducting inspection Tours。

         (3) Implement the "College homework correction requirements", standardize the writing habits of students' homework inspection system, including the neat and accurate writing, conscious writing time, cleanliness and grade。Teacher correction should be carried out in the cleanliness and grade column, to correct students' mistakes, timely write comments, often communicate with parents, and ensure that four times per semester。Put an end to the phenomenon of only writing dates, and the amount of work should be moderate。

④ Seventh and eighth grade essay mid-term and final check twice。

⑤ Organize learning analysis meeting and parents' meeting。

⑥ Timely organize student forums。

2.School leaders should put the focus of teaching management on the classroom, the school leadership to develop regular and irregular attendance system,Often go deep into the class and classroom to solve teaching problems, and study the construction of scientific teaching mode and the establishment of students' independent learning mode。

3.Improve the daily feedback, weekly inspection, monthly summary notification system of routine teaching work, and improve the implementation of the teaching quality tracking inspection system。

4.We will further standardize schools and increase efficiency while reducing burdens。This semester, we should effectively manage the phenomenon of homework overload reported by students。Through random sampling of the amount of homework, carrying out student questionnaires, holding discussions with students' parents and other ways to understand the first-hand information, timely feedback, reflection, adjustment, the amount of homework control in the appropriate range。

二、Improve the teaching staff and grasp the practical school-based training

This semester's school-based training is mainly based on "three lessons" (intra-group research lessons, school-level assessment lessons, school observation lessons) and expert lectures.

1.Intra-group research activities, focusing on the implementation of subject practice activities (34At the same time, local and school-based courses must also be presented。

2.On the basis of the research within the group, the lesson preparation group selects excellent teachers to attend the school-level assessment course。(910月份)

3.School observation class (11In October), found typical from the school's excellent class, the colonel watched the class。

4. Guide teachers to form a good "reflection diary" awareness and habits。

5. Continue to improve the "four one" activity, and submit a reflection diary, a teaching case, an examination paper analysis, and a summary of experience at the end of the term。

6. Seek professional support, timely hire university professors, college teaching and research experts and other experts to give lectures or lecture guidance, can also play teaching reports video。Strengthen the horizontal contact with the surrounding schools, invite some of their teachers to the school to give demonstration guidance。

三、 Carry out colorful activities to build a harmonious campus

1.In combination with the competition in the city, this semester we focus on carrying out ancient poetry competition, sports competition and other activities。In addition, various disciplines carry out effective disciplinary activities。

2.Strictly control the students concentrated study time in school, strictly control the amount of homework, homework should not exceed1.5小时。

3.Continue to develop and implement school-based curriculum, so that the construction of school-based curriculum system gradually scientific and reasonable

This semester, we continue to open classic reading, literary literacy, oral communication, English teachers, robots in the first day。

4.Do a good job in sports, art education, science and technology education and student association activities to make the campus full of vitality

Further develop foot, basket, volleyball, net, table tennis skills training activities。

Adhere to the implementation of the "sunshine sports" one-hour activity, and further improve the quality of large recess activities。

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