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Bai Yanling: Review and reflection on the online grading work of senior high school entrance examination
2018-12-24 Return list

    The annual high school entrance examination grading work affects the hearts of thousands of examinees and parents。In order to ensure the speed, accuracy, effectiveness and fairness of the grading work,Since 2012,Fushun's education bureau has launched an online test marking program,As a front-line history teacher, I have been responsible for the task of online examination,And it has paid off,In particular, I can improve my future history classroom teaching by finding out students' problems in the process of grading papers。Now the little experience is summarized as follows, willing to share with peers。

1. Standards and procedures for marking papers
    1.The standard answer formulated by combining Curriculum Standards and Examination Instructions is an important basis for teachers to grade paper。
    2.Before the formal marking, the teachers of each marking group should carefully study the marking standards and consult with each other to improve and unify the standard answers of this test。In the marking process,In accordance with the principle of following the standard answer and not sticking to the standard answer,Standard answers should be used to assess the correctness of the students' answers,It is also necessary to respect and affirm students' personalized, insightful and creative answers (such answers are often conclusions drawn by students on the basis of full understanding of knowledge points).,So as to avoid students reading, reading dead books。
2. Students' problems were found in the marking process
    (1) Review and preparation problems: do not pay attention to learning attitude, review and preparation is insufficient。In particular, the questions with many words, such as the measures of Meiji Restoration, Voltaire's propositions, the content of the Yalta Conference, the significance of the October Revolution in Russia, and the economic status of Japan after World War II, were not answered at all。Although some questions require a bit of the content can be answered, but many candidates still can not answer。
    (2) Problems in the answer sheet:
    1.Writing problems: The answer is not standardized, the handwriting is difficult to distinguish, the answer is outside the designated area, the answer string question number, the answer content is not classified or even there is no punctuation mark。
    2.Typos problem: typos abound。Words such as hard or easy to miswrite abandoned county, Jenny machine, Stephenson, light bulb, steam engine, Vernace, appeasement, D-Day, the electric Age, the Enlightenment, birth, etc., the frequency of miswriting is quite high。
    3.Answer Method Questions:
    (1) It will not combine the pictures, materials, historical materials and other information provided by the test questions, the flexibility of the answer is poor, and the ability to analyze and solve problems needs to be improved: for example, the 2012 history exam question 2 and the Identification and interpretation question (4) ask: "What inspiration have you got from the development of the United States??Since the three pictures in the question respectively reflect the three major events that led to the rise of the United States, namely the American Revolution, the American Civil War and Roosevelt's New Deal (that is, the reform), the answer is summed up: to achieve national independence;Safeguarding national unity;Persisting in reform and innovation;This method of answering is called "from history".。However, some students did not find and summarize the answer from the picture information given by the question, but did not answer the question at will, so they did not score。Another example is the 2012 history exam question 3, material analysis question (3) : Which of the emperor's words reflects that Japan is a good at learning?The answer to this question is actually one of the original words of the emperor in the material, "seeking knowledge of the world", and some students lost points because they did not think of finding answers "according to the material"。
    (2) The answer lacks skills and cannot justify itself。For example, the second information window question (4) in 2015 asked: "Science and technology is a double-edged sword, please talk about your understanding of this point of view.。Some candidates answer the question like this: "Science and technology is a double-edged sword, which is both beneficial and harmful (there is a typo, which should be harmful)."。For example, cloning technology can benefit mankind if it is used well,否则利用不好人类就废了!” 这种答案说明学生不能有意识地联系生活(或生产)中熟知的事例加以说明,Because examples are rare,Therefore, it cannot explain the reason that science and technology benefit human beings and harm human beings themselves by improper use,Plus, typos and inconsistencies,The answer is funny,Can't score。
    (3) Inaccurate interpretation of historical events。For example, the second information window question (3) of the 2016 Senior High School exam asks: "Which victory of China's diplomacy in the 1970s is reflected in the scene in Figure 3??The correct answer is "The 26th session of the UN General Assembly restored China's lawful seat in the UN", but some candidates answered "the 26th session of the UN General Assembly restored China's lawful seat in the UN".。 
    (4) Zhang Guanli more confused。For example, the British engineer Stephen Sun answered "Stephen Sun", the British technician Hargreaves answered "Hagen Reeves", the watershed battle of Verdun in World War I answered "Walden Battle", and so on。
    4. Answer habit questions:
    (1) Lack of careful examination habits, due to examination errors and lost points。For example, question 19 of the first and single choice questions in the 2016 middle school exam asked: The planner and perpetrator of the "Congress arson" was () A.Cabinet B of Japan.Communist Party of Germany C.Japanese military D.The German Nazi Party。The correct answer is D.The German Nazi Party。Some students chose B easily because they did not carefully examine and think about the question.The German Communist Party lost points。
    (2) did not develop the habit of careful examination after answering the test paper。Some examinees have the phenomenon of missing questions in the process of answering.There are also many clerical errors, such as Einstein, who proposed the theory of relativity, wrote "Einstein", and Lenin, leader of the October Revolution, wrote "set" and so on。
Third, teaching reflection and suggestions
    1.For students to review the exam preparation questions: 
    (1) It is necessary to strengthen the ideological education of students' comprehensive review and preparation for the middle school exam, improve their attention, and overcome laziness and fear of difficulties。Can find more candidates to talk, remind and urge them to "time is not waiting for me", but also give candidates more encouraging words, such as the high school entrance exam is the "first fight" of life, rely on strength to speak!Love to fight to win, youth without regret!And so on, let the candidates in a positive and optimistic state to meet the middle school exam。
    (2) Guide the construction of knowledge network, improve the candidates' comprehensive review and preparation for the actual combat ability。
Close to the entrance examination, unit review, thematic review, comprehensive review three links can not be less。In contrast, thematic review has a large span of knowledge and strong integration of knowledge points, which is of great benefit to students to form a systematic knowledge framework。At this time, candidates should be guided to learn to sort out the test points required by the test syllabus in a timely manner, and build a knowledge network according to the vertical and horizontal connections of the test points, so as to achieve "basket basket, focus on the closure".。
    2. In view of the problems existing in the process of students' middle school examination, we should consolidate the basic knowledge, strengthen the guidance of studying law and strengthen the examination training。
    (1) Teaching should guide students to accurately and quickly memorize knowledge points by grasping "key words", composing songs and rhymes。For example, in the study of ancient Chinese history "Spring and Autumn five bullies", in order to facilitate students to remember "five bullies", I made up the formula "Spring and Autumn chief bullies Duke Huan, Kui Qiu alliance to be a hero。Jin Gong heavy ear war Chengpu, retreat and show ability。The Song, Qin and Chu states fought and dominated, and the king of Chu would win or lose in the end。The good effect of interest teaching has been achieved。
    (2) Train students to answer questions in a standardized manner。Including ① training its standard writing,Write neatly and with clear strokes,Answers are written in the areas specified in the test paper;② Guide them to learn to answer,That is, pay attention to the prompts and questions in the answer,Learn to combine all the information given in the questions to get the right answers,Do "from the history";③ Strengthen the training of their language expression ability,Make them pay attention to the completeness, consistency and accuracy of language expression when answering questions;It makes sense to argue a point,non-ambiguity,No contradiction。
    (3) Guide students to develop the habit of being good at summarizing, diligently correcting mistakes and the habit of carefully checking after answering the test paper。

    Guide candidates to form a "wrong set" in the learning process, and pay great attention to their knowledge easy to mistake points and easy to mix points。Before the exam, remind candidates to be sure to review and strengthen all the errors on the exam paper。Told the candidates to take the exam history subject answer time is very full, after answering the paper must carefully check, not only to check whether their writing content is wrong, but also to re-read the question, to see if there is a phenomenon of missing answers to the questions, and then remedied in time。
    The grading work is related to the future and fate of students, and serving candidates wholeheartedly is my boundy-bound responsibility。At the same time, the grading work can also promote the improvement, perfection and development of my history teaching。It is obvious that participating in high school entrance examination and grading papers has great benefits!

About the author:

    Bai Yanling, born in 1970。He graduated from Jilin University in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in history and is a member of the Communist Party of China。Since his graduation in 1992, he has been teaching history in the High School attached to the College for 26 years, successively serving as the lesson preparation leader of grade 7, 8 and 9 of the High School Attached to the College. In October 2018, following the research decision of the school leadership, he was appointed as the teaching and research leader of the History Group of the High School attached to the College。

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