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2018-2019 Language work plan of the Affiliated Middle School of the College
2018-11-28 Return list

I. Guiding ideology: 
    Conscientiously implement the Law on the Standard Chinese Language,We will further strengthen language management,Improve the standardization of writing work,Combining practice in our school,Take quality education as the carrier,The standardization of language runs through all aspects of school teaching, management, evaluation and examination,Make up for the deficiencies in our school's language work,We will strive to achieve greater results in popularizing Mandarin and standardizing the use of Chinese characters。 
Ii. Main points of work: 
    1.Continue to publicize and implement the "National Standard Language Law", according to the requirements of the Municipal Language Committee, carry out a variety of publicity and education activities, so that all work and activities can be implemented, and create a good language environment for the school。 
    2.Improve the school supervision, reward and punishment system, constantly adjust the school language work leading group, clear division of labor, each fulfill his duties, and constantly deepen the school language work。 
    3.Around the language work, on campus to brainstorm, each class and grade to carry out a variety of popularization activities, and accumulate the relevant information。 
    4.Conscientiously implement the work of Fushun Language Work Committee, promote the school language work in a planned and step-by-step way, gradually improve the level of school language work, and strive to meet the standards。 
    5.The language work will be included in the school's management system, and strengthen supervision, examination, assessment and evaluation。To promote the school language work institutionalization, standardization。 
    6.Pay attention to the accumulation and sorting of relevant language and writing materials, and earnestly welcome the language and writing assessment of our school by the Language Committee Office. Through this work, the popularization work of our school will be promoted to a higher level。 
    7.Teachers who have not reached the standard of the Putonghua level test are encouraged to continue to take the test and strive to achieve good results。 
Iii. Management responsibilities: 
    1.Director He Chang of the Academic Affairs Office is in charge of the leadership, to do a good job of guidance, and to implement the work and requirements of the superior and the school。 
    2.The leader of the push-Pu team should do a good job in the daily work of the school language and organize various work and activities according to the requirements of the superior。Formulate the school language work plan and work summary 。 
    3.The members of the language and writing leading group of the school cooperate with each other to earnestly implement the work assigned by the superior。All departments actively cooperate and strive to do well in various work and activities。 
    4.The teachers and class teachers of each subject work closely together, and each class implements the promotion staff and does the daily work well。 
    5.All teachers and students earnestly implement and strive to meet the requirements of the school language work。Insist on speaking Mandarin in school;Board writing, writing work writing correct, standard。 
四.Do a good job of daily popularizing: 
    1.Two minutes before class, requiring the use of two minutes before class in Mandarin reading and reciting texts, ancient poems, classic reading。 
    2.Do a good job of "reading time" at noon, so that students can deeply feel the charm of Chinese language through free extra-curricular reading。  
    3.During the promotion week, each class independently uses the class meeting to carry out a language competition。Such as "ancient poetry recitation", "Chinese dictation competition" and so on。Fill out the form, accumulate the relevant information, and hand it in on time。     
    4.The use of "speech under the National Flag", blackboard newspaper, publicity gallery and other positions to publicize the relevant laws and regulations and knowledge of language, so that all students in the school can develop the good habit of speaking Mandarin and using standard characters, and play the educational role of publicity positions。 
    5.Each class will issue a special board newspaper during the week。 
    6.According to the need, hold the experience exchange meeting of the promotion team from time to time。 
    7.Actively participate in the school's reading festival and various kinds of good writing speech contest。 
    8.Do a good job of data sorting, and seriously welcome the superior department of language evaluation work。     

Fushun Teachers' Education College affiliated middle school

Fushun Teachers' Education College affiliated middle school
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Fushun Teachers' Education College affiliated middle school
Address: No. 1, Xinhua 3 Road, Shuncheng District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province
电话:024-57573345 / 024-57573345
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