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Summary of the language work of the School Affiliated Middle School in 2017-2018 academic year
2018-11-28 Return list

     Language is an important communication tool and information carrier, and the standardization of language is a basic work of the school, and also an important symbol of whether the school has a good campus cultural atmosphere。Our school attaches great importance to language work, earnestly implements the spirit of relevant national, provincial and municipal documents, combined with the actual situation of our school, the specific work of the school is summarized as follows:
First, establish the correct guiding ideology and strengthen the comprehensive management of language work
     1. Raise awareness and strengthen management
     Putonghua and standard characters are the crystallization of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, which play an extremely important role in cultivating teachers and students' patriotism, improving national pride, and better learning and mastering other subjects。学校召开专门会议组织师生认真学习《hi合乐888在线登录》、《辽宁省实施<中华人民共和国国家通用Language and writing法>规定》以及《合乐888在线登录》、《合乐888在线登录》中有关内容。Seriously study the spirit of the superior language work documents, special research and assignment of work tasks。The language and writing work formed within the scope of the school has a good situation of work and management of everything。It has enhanced the sense of responsibility and urgency of the whole school staff to do a good job in language work, and laid a good foundation for promoting the development of language work in the whole school。
     2, the organization is sound, clear responsibility
     The school has set up a language work leading group led by the principal himself, the teaching principal himself, and middle-level cadres, provincial Putonghua testers, the director of the annual department, and the leader of Chinese teaching and research。Responsible for the overall management and guidance of the school language work。At the beginning of the year, the leading group formulates the school language and writing work plan, earnestly carries out various work, and regularly holds an administrative meeting on language and writing work every semester。In order to implement the work effectively, the school also attaches importance to the construction of a language work network, and establishes a three-level language work network composed of the school, teachers and students。That is, the school language assessment leading group composed of principals, middle-level cadres and relevant personnel is responsible for the implementation of the superior language work policies and work implementation。Led by the Teaching Affairs Office and the Chinese Language Group, the teachers will organize and implement the daily supervision of the standardized use of characters by teachers and the promotion of Mandarin。The class promotion team composed of students in the class unit is responsible for the standardization of characters used by the class and students, and the supervision of the promotion of Mandarin to ensure the implementation of the work。In addition, it also increased the supervision and inspection of language work, timely supervision and correction of the words used by teachers and students and the words used around the school, and better promoted the popularization of Mandarin in schools and the implementation of the use of standardized words。
     3. Improve the system and ensure implementation
     Our school focuses on establishing and improving the system of promoting and standardizing Mandarin characters;A language assessment system is established which is related to the assessment of teachers and students.The qualification of Putonghua shall be included in the requirements for teachers' recruitment and post,And included in the teacher business assessment of the important content;In education and teaching quality assessment, evaluation of advanced, evaluation of professional titles,Proficiency in Mandarin has been listed as one of the prerequisites;Putonghua should be included in the unified management of teachers' continuing education。These systems make the whole school teachers and students have evidence to rely on in terms of Mandarin and standardized characters. In order to ensure the smooth development of various works, we also check the standardization of campus words from time to time to ensure the implementation of the system and the realization of the management objectives of campus words。
     2. Create a campus environment with standardized words
     Through various channels and various ways, the school has vigorously promoted the standardization of language and characters, reached a consensus among teachers and students in the whole school, and set off a boom。Starting from creating a beautiful language environment, the school set up permanent propaganda placards;Posters were posted in prominent places in the teaching building。Through placards, publicity Windows, board newspapers and other propaganda means and propaganda positions, the propaganda of language and writing work and the construction of campus culture are closely combined to achieve the purpose of common development and joint promotion。
     Third, carry out a series of activities and pay attention to daily penetration
     According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, combined with the actual situation of our school, the language work into the classroom teaching, into the basic teaching skills training, into the regular management of the school, the language work into various education and teaching activities。
1、 Strengthen teacher training and raise teachers' awareness of the importance of language work
一是校本培训:利用教师业务学习时间,宣传《hi合乐888在线登录》、《辽宁省实施<中华人民共和国国家通用Language and writing法>规定》读本。Second, organize teachers to participate in Putonghua level test training。 
2. Incorporate language work into the whole process of teaching management
    Pay attention to the process management of language work, and take teachers' teaching plan writing, use of Putonghua, and correction of students' homework as one of the indicators of teacher education and teaching quality evaluation, and include them in teacher assessment items。Strengthen teaching supervision, pay attention to the inspection of teachers and students' standard characters and the use of Mandarin, and effectively improve the language application level and comprehensive literacy of teachers and students in our school。
    3. Take the Promotion Week as an opportunity to organize and carry out various activities
    Combined with the annual national "Promotion Week" activity, our school will position our Putonghua Publicity Month every September。Taking this as an opportunity, from the actual situation of the school, careful planning and careful organization, so that the "promotion Week" activities to be implemented, to promote the smooth development of school language work, the specific methods are:
     To formulate specific plans for the implementation of activities and carry out active and effective publicity。Posters were posted on campus, special window Windows were designed, and the school radio station carried out special broadcasts of "promoting Putonghua" during the week。Render the atmosphere of push Pu and expand the influence of push Pu propaganda。At the flag-raising ceremony on Monday of the "Push Week", the school conducted a speech under the national flag, issued a "Push Week" activity initiative to the whole school's teachers and students, introduced the significance of promoting Mandarin and using standard characters, and arranged the activities of "Push Week"。
     Carry out various forms of promotion activities.To carry out speech, poetry recitation, story telling, calligraphy, blackboard newspaper design and other competitions among students。The activities of reading report meeting, speech competition, calligraphy competition and blackboard writing competition among teachers have effectively promoted the steady progress of the language work of our school。Organize students to participate in social language work, such as finding shop signs around the school, non-standard words in billboards, encourage students to be "little teachers" at home for parents, help parents speak Mandarin well, and really play the window role and radiation role of the school in the work of popularizing。
    Fourth, improve the quality of teachers and promote the quality of students' words
    Our school pays attention to the basic role of education, and requires teachers to use Mandarin and standard Chinese characters in classroom teaching;Teachers' teaching, collective activities and conversation use Mandarin;Students can talk or answer questions in Mandarin in class。The standardization of characters should be regarded as an important aspect to improve the quality of quality education, and the relevant system should be established and perfected。The school clearly requires: the use of standardized Chinese characters in school teaching;Students learn to use Mandarin and standard Chinese characters;Putonghua and standard Chinese characters should be used in collective activities such as education, teaching, publicity and conferences。In order to better implement this provision, the school has increased supervision and inspection efforts, and through regular and irregular inspections, it has aroused great attention from all departments and grades of the school。
    The campus name board, indicator board, sign board, placard, publicity board, large screen and other words meet the requirements;Official documents, school newspapers, test papers and other character standards;Teachers write on board, correct homework, comment on the word standard;Students can correctly identify and write common Chinese characters;Students' test papers, students' homework, etc。
    5. Remarkable achievements in popularizing work
    After years of exploration and practice, the teachers and students of our school have significantly improved their consciousness of learning, speaking and using Mandarin, and the level of Mandarin has made a qualitative leap;The whole school, from principals to ordinary teachers, "speak Mandarin, use standard words" concept has been deeply rooted in people's hearts;Activities pay attention to teachers and students training, find typical timely promotion。

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