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To my favorite father and mother, Wang Xiuli, the High School attached to the College
2017-05-10 Return list

 To my beloved mother and father

                  College affiliated Middle school  Wang Xiuli

Dear Mom and Dad

Hello!For a long time, I wanted to pick up my pen, write something, tell you something。Although we can always meet, but I also have this idea, want to write down some memories, write down the life of gratitude, gratitude and moved;Take note of Mom and Dad's smile, warmth and happiness。

I remember when I first started working, I always complained that you were tired and everything was so difficult。I am tired of fighting and struggling. It seems that as soon as one problem is solved, another problem arises。

     My father listened and took me to the kitchen。He first poured some water into three POTS and put them on a high fire。Soon the water in the pot was boiling。He put carrots in one pot, eggs in the second, and ground coffee beans in the last。He dipped them into boiling water and boiled them without saying a word。

     I waited impatiently, wondering what Dad was doing。After about 20 minutes, he turned off the heat, pulled out the carrots and put them in a bowl, pulled out the eggs and put them in another bowl, and then scooped the coffee into a cup。After that, he turned to me and asked, "Son, what do you see?”

      "Carrots, eggs, coffee," she replied。

      He asked me to come closer and let me feel the carrot with my hand。I touched them and noticed they were getting soft。Dad asked me to take the egg again and break it。After peeling off the shell, I saw only hard-boiled eggs。

      Finally, Dad let me have a sip of coffee。As I tasted the rich coffee, I smiled and timidly asked, "Dad, what does this mean?”

     Dad explained that all three faced the same adversity - boiling water - but each responded differently。Before the carrots go into the pot, they are strong, firm, and show no weakness.But after entering the boiling water, it becomes soft and weak。The egg used to be fragile, its thin shell protecting the liquid internal organs, but after boiling water, its internal organs hardened。Powdered coffee beans, on the other hand, are unique in that when they enter boiling water, they pour and change the water。In the face of hardship and adversity, you can learn from carrots, eggs, or coffee beans。You can give in, you can make yourself stronger -- and you can even change your circumstances!

Through my father's practical, lively and unique education, I realized that I can't change the environment, but IYou can change yourself; I can't change the fact, but I can change the attitude;I can't change the past, but ICan change the present; I can't control others, but I can control myself;I can't predict tomorrow, but I can grasp today;I can't do everything well, but I can do everything with my heart;I can't control the weather, but I can change the mood;I can't choose my looks, but I can show my smile。In fact, attitude is sometimes more important than anything else, you know。Dad, you let me grow up a lot, can also see a lot, know how to cherish today, know how to grasp now, I love you, my dad!

记得2000Shortly after the baby was born, my wife and I brought my father-in-law and mother-in-law to live together。Every time I visit you, Mom, the first thing you ask me is, "How are you treating your parents??My mother taught me to treat my parents-in-law better than them, and I have always followed my mother's teachings and lived harmoniously with my parents-in-law。Thank my mother for the education of her ignorant daughter, so that I can grasp the family, enjoy the happiness of the family, and enjoy the happy love。

Mom and dad, I can't forget you in order to afford me to study, frugal life;It is hard to forget that you have suffered a lot and suffered a lot in order to pay for my studies。Time can dilute many memories, and time can also give many opportunities to those who work hard。Over the years, I have been working hard to improve the living conditions of my parents, and I have tried my best to provide them with a wordless life。

Accompany is the most common confession, often go home to see, I know filial piety as soon as possible, I accompany my parents walk, let them feel the quiet life, enjoy the beauty of nature。Enjoy the grass is fresh green, trees are green, water is calm and beautiful reflection;When the sun goes down, you can enjoy the glow of the setting sun, rolling the sunset glow of Phnom Penh...;I also travel with my parents,Take them to Dalian, Beijing...;I will organize my brother, sister and children to celebrate their parents' birthdays and holidays,Parents enjoy the happiness of their children and grandchildren,Family reunion,We eat and drink together, sing and chat together, take a bath and drink tea together, skate together, accompany their parents for outings...The whole family is enjoying a happy and harmonious happiness。We enjoy the love of parents, parents also enjoy our love, hope this love can be permanent...

  Mom and dad daughter forever grateful to you, love you forever!

                                 Your little girl.


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Fushun Teachers' Education College affiliated middle school
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电话:024-57573345 / 024-57573345
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