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I wrote to my daughter Jo Yiyan of the Middle School attached to the College
2017-05-10 Return list

To my daughter

College affiliated Middle school  Jo Yiyan

Dear baby girl,


This is the first time Mom has written to you since you were born。But I said it a hundred times in my heart。I hope this letter can bring you more happiness and confidence, more help and encouragement。

You may not be the most beautiful princess in the world, but you are the most beautiful in your mother's heart;You may not be the smartest kid in the world, but in your mother's heart you are the smartest。I want to tell you: you have always been the pride of my mother, and your birth has brought me endless happiness。In the eyes of your mother, you are not only your mother's daughter, but also your mother's intimate little cotton-padded jacket;I am not only your mother, but also your close friend。

You must know how much Mom loves you。Since God sent you to my hand as the most precious gift, I am so grateful and cherish。So, I began to dedicate myself to you编织Love nest, take care of you every step: your little hands are dirty, mother washes for you, your little face is spent, mother wipes for you, you摔跤Oh, mom distressed to help you up...Mom is happy to do everything for you。Mother does not want to let the delicate you suffer a little injustice, a little hurt。

Now, as you grow older, you gradually realize that many things your mother can no longer help you, can not help you, and must be done by yourself。You also clearly feel that your mother's requirements for you are more and more day by day, and day by day。You are required to do well in school, you are required to do the housework you can do, and you are required to be strict with yourself。Sometimes make my mother angry, I will scold you or even beat you。In your eyes, mom has changed, become majestic, become no longer so gentle and lovely, and it seems that she does not love you as much as before。

Lovely daughter, you know mother's good intentions?When you are unhappy, do you see your mother's sad eyes?When you were sick, did you feel your mother's worried heart?When you argue with your mother, do you know how uncomfortable her heart is?The reason why mom is more and more strict with you,Because Mom knows,You have to grow up some day,You'll fly on your own someday,Mom can't help you forever,Take care of you for a lifetime,The road of life needs you to go by yourself;Because Mom knows,Dote on you,That's what hurt you,It's Mom's misfortune,It's worse for the rest of your life。This is growth, growth has pain, but more is happy, please embrace it!Today, you may not understand, but one day, you will。

Baby, you are a very opinionated child, when you grow up, my mother is also like many other mothers, anxious to give you a variety of interest classes, take you everywhere every day, but one day, you are very serious to me said:"Mom, I think I like playing table tennis and calligraphy best。I'm not interested in the other classes, and I don't want to go to them。Listening to your words, I was disappointed for a moment, but immediately realized that you are a very assertive child, and I choose to respect your choice。Baby, you didn't disappoint mom,Table tennis training every day,You're never absent.,Unwell also insist on illness;Give up the chance to travel during winter and summer holidays,Keep working with your coach,When you stand on the podium of the women's team champion of Fushun primary and secondary school table tennis competition,My mother was so excited that she shed tears,I saw the persistence and perseverance of a child,Experienced the joy of children's success,Mom, thank you.,宝贝!

Baby, you know what?In mom's eyes, you are the cutest, smartest and most worthy of mom's pride。You have many good qualities: polite to people, thoughtful, hands-on, good grades, and a lot of love。But some of your shortcomings also often let the mother anxious straight foot, if you can change, is the mother's best daughter。

 Please correct your bad habit of procrastinating。Your speed is slow, no efficiency, sometimes mother called twice or three times, you did not act。Life has a shelf life, do what needs to be done immediately。

Please accept the advice of others with an open mind。When someone points out that you are not, don't immediately refute it, think about whether you have such a weakness。Remember: Strictness is the greatest love, criticism is the greatest welfare, punishment is the greatest reward。Only those who love you will help you make progress。

  Okay, that's all Mom and you have to talk about today。Hope my daughter is healthy and happy every day。

                                         Love your mom

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Fushun Teachers' Education College affiliated middle school
Address: No. 1, Xinhua 3 Road, Shuncheng District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province
电话:024-57573345 / 024-57573345
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