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To my son

             College affiliated Middle school 何畅

My favorite son:

The first time I tried to write you a letter, you already15One year old。Mom wants to tell you two things. One is what every mom would say: "I love you!"Maybe you think this is a normal emotion, not unusual。But the other one is;'Thank you!

From the moment you were conceived in me, I have treasured you。With you crying and smiling in my arms, until I can hold you toddling, until I hold your little hand, you can carry my arm, until now I have to hold your arm。Day by day, minute by minute, second by second through the river of time, you have grown into a big one meter seventy-three, bushy eyebrows, handsome face, and have their own independent views of the handsome young man。在你15Approaching his birthday,Mom wants to say "I love you and thank you!"Thank you for letting me learn to be strong and brave, thank you for letting me heartache and tears, thank you for making me happy and happy, thank you for bringing me pride and pride, thank you for bringing me warmth and companionship, thank you for letting me know love and gratitude, thank you for pushing me to work hard and fight, thank you for bringing me hope and worry。

Son, when you came into this world, it can be said that mother dared not love you, because you are really a"Little devil", every day let adults keep holding you can not cry, every time you need to walk while shaking30It takes about a minute to fall asleep。Even wake up seven or eight times a night, so that mother can not sleep。He only ate his mother's breast milk every day, and refused all brands of milk powder even when he was hungry and cried。Refuse to use all brands of diapers, only use a large number of diapers。Once a month, I have to go back and forth to the hospital...I am exhausted by your torture, busy between work and taking care of you, tired often cry。However, when I touch your little face, hold your small hands, I know that no matter how tired, how hard, I have to be strong, clench my teeth and hold on, everything will be fine, the baby will grow up, it will be good。Dry the tears, I strong again and again to carry those heavy burdens。You are still very small, long-term exhaustion, family trifles, emotional burdens, I am close to the edge of collapse, lost the courage to live, how many times have come up with silly ideas。Remember that time, I want to end, is you in my arms, quietly with your small face to my face full of tears, is I feel your temperature and breath, suddenly convince yourself to have the courage to continue, because I have you。Thank you for giving me courage and strength!

Son, I can be a strong woman in life, but in your growth, I can not become a strong mother, every time you are sick, every injury, every tear will involuntarily affect my tears。Remember your first day of roller skating, and you fell38A stumble, I pretend not to see, let you fall to the ground with tears, with pain to pray for my help and regardless of。But I know, I don't go over there with tears on my face。Every time you fall, pain in the body, pain in the mother。With your staggering my heart is tightly pulled, how I want to fly to your side, in the moment you fall to be able to use their own cushion on the hard ground to prevent you from falling。But for you to be able to learn skills, product setbacks, practice strong, but I can't, can't, can't。Another time, my mother remembered that you violated the rules of the house, and in order to mean what you said, my mother cruelly spanked your ass。You cried and begged mom to stop, but I still hit you hard。At night, you are already asleep, but I can not sleep, gently stroking your small buttocks, my heartache tears mixed with remorse and remorse keep pouring out。This is a contradictory mother, thank you for making me heartache and tears!

Son, you have the introverted little man, not willing to often express his mind。That time, my mother went out to study for a week and came home to see the fruit plate and greeting card you prepared for me, and my mother suddenly felt really happy。With you growing up day by day, you bring me infinite happiness, your laugh point is sometimes very low, a little interesting things you can be happy Quack, this happy atmosphere also infected me。If there is happiness in the world, then my happiness is you。Thank you for making me happy and happy!

Son, you have always been an excellent child, and you have often won awards of one kind or another since childhood。Every time your outstanding performance, every time you try your best to fight, every golden certificate, let my mother feel very proud and proud。Son, every honor, the mother hopes to be a real reward for your excellence, so the mother will not do efforts for you should not do, even a bouquet of flowers for Teachers' Day did not help you buy, but you still won a lot of honors。Mom tells you that these are real materials, without any other colors, is the verification of his own efforts, I am proud of you。Thank you for bringing me a proud and proud。

Son, there are things about mom that are really, really bad。Whenever I am in the low, I know that you have been with my mother, listening to me, never give up。As you grow older, the more you protect me like a little man, and even encourage and support me to bravely face some things again。I know that you must also be actively facing a lot of situations, not only to adjust yourself but also to comfort and encourage me。You did your best to warm me up and help me out of the gloom and face life。It can be said that without my son's company all the way, I may sink alone。Thank you for your warmth and companionship。

Son, after you, I wholeheartedly raise you, experienced too much。It is said that children do not know their parents, it is you that let me really understand the truth of my parents to give me。I feel regret for my capriciousness and ignorance, and learn to cherish the value of family affection。Son, as a teacher, I hope to meet the best teacher in your growth, who can bring you knowledge and guide you to grow up happily。Therefore, the mother understands that other children's mothers also have such an idea, for the children will get a good teacher, start from me, I began to care for every child with my heart, care for their growth day by day, teach the best knowledge。I hope that every teacher has such an idea as mine to cast the child's tomorrow。The change of thought, my teaching into love, with the feelings of education, harvest a lot, these are invisibly brought to me by my son。Thank you for letting me know love and gratitude!

Son, as you grow up day by day, I began to face a lot of situations when I was willing to live an ordinary and quiet life。When teaching you to study hard, whether I am persuasive, whether I work hard?Whether I have a role model image, whether I fight for my ideals?How can I teach you in the right way?These, I can't help but start to think。Mother's foundation is very thin, student is not very sensible, not very love learning。But today, for you, I began to take every task given by the leader seriously, try my best to do it well, and try not to make mistakes。In order to make up for my previous shortcomings, I began to do my best to specialize in business and strive to become an excellent teacher in teaching subjects. Slowly, my efforts have yielded results。As an excellent teacher in Liaoning Province and Fushun City, she has been recognized by school leaders and teachers and has undertaken a lot of work。The achievement of these achievements is the spur you bring me。Although life is hard in the future, even if only the two of us depend on each other, the power you bring to my mother will prompt me to keep working hard and fighting for your growth to prop up a blue sky。Son, thank you for pushing me to work hard and struggle!

Son, you're getting big。Have to face the high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, work, and even later...Mother has infinite expectations for you, I hope you have a good journey and all your wishes come true。Think you have good results, but also afraid you are too tired, affecting the body and delay the growth。What a contradiction!Your study backward, mother worried。You have a special situation, mom sad sad, even feel suffocated。Endless worries around my mother, life mixed with joys and sorrows。Often think, what kind of way, tone, strategy can correctly guide you never take detente, how can my son smoothly achieve his ideals and aspirations, how can my son always live a happy life...Constantly groping for a solution to everything, with no experience to follow。But there will be many, many more such days, and we will have countless faces and solutions together。Even so, mom still thank you for bringing me hope and worry!

Happy birthday, son!Mom loves you, and sincerely thank you!You make my life experience and emotions more rich, let me use time and life to deduceThe role of "Mom" never ends。May you be healthy, happy and happy!

Nagging mother

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Fushun Teachers' Education College affiliated middle school
Address: No. 1, Xinhua 3 Road, Shuncheng District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province
电话:024-57573345 / 024-57573345
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